As the sun slowly faded behind its curtain of trees and power lines, I dragged the nasty old thing up the hill, frightening some chickens as I did so.  We let them out in the evening when the weather is nice, which they love.  But we also have three that are in permanent exile for the heinous crime of eating their own eggs.  Their new home is the Tiny Abandoned Patch of Corn, an adequately shaded enclosure safe from predators.

They needed shelter though, as it had been raining a lot recently, and that is why I had brought them the old crate we retrieved from its spot in the woods.  It was made for a dog I think, but it works quite well for three chickens to sleep in.

“Now, what this is is nothing to be afraid of,” I told them as they fled from my approach.  “What this is is a place of hope, a chicken paradise.  It is a place where dreams come true.  It is what every chicken dreams of having.  It is beyond all description, and it is certainly not something to run away from.”

I chuckled inwardly at my own exaggeration.  But then I realized, I rather had stumbled upon an interesting point there.

You see, it really was disgusting when we dug it out from where it had sat, full of mud and standing water.  But it was still a crate, and it was still useful.  Despite its appearance, it had value.  All it needed was a bit of cleaning up and some straw to become something that the chickens would appreciate, if they were capable of such feeling.

And yes, it was covered in mud.  It was dirty.  But what is dirt?  Is it beautiful?  Absolutely, if you think about it, dirt gives most plants the ability to grow, to stretch their roots and expand.  I mean, no flowers, no vegetables or grain; where in the world would we be without dirt?

It’s an analogy folks, and I love analogies.  “Not everything that glitters is gold,” goes the old and well-known saying.  But not everything that’s dirty is worthless.  There’s a lot of dirt in this world.  If it were the case that all that dirt rendered us worthless, we might as well just call it a day and throw in the towel.  But we don’t.  We keep on keeping on, and laughing, and loving.  And if you look for them, miracles happen in the most imperfect places.

It’s food for thought.

The Gravatar Easter Egg


So I was reading another WordPress blog today when I moused over someone’s profile image and got the ubiquitous Gravatar hovercard.

2014-08-17-screenshot01Notice the blue square circled in red?  It’s just a logo that links to Gravatar’s website.  At the time, I did not know this (although I guessed), and so I decided to click it and find out.

The thing is though, I right-clicked, so as to open it in a new tab.  To my astonishment, every single Gravatar on the page started rotating counterclockwise when I did so, and as far as I can tell, would have continued spinning indefinitely.

It was amusing to watch:


Even the one at the top of the page does it!


So there you have it, folks.  An interesting Easter egg to invoke next time you get bored or to show a friend.  Because who doesn’t love spinny things?


My new profile picture?

5 Weirdest Music Videos that Won’t Damage Your Sanity


In all of us, I think, there is something that is attracted to the odd, the strange, and the freaky side of life.  I was inspired to write this post because heck, there are some pretty weird music videos out there, and I wanted to share them.  So I did some research.  While there is no shortage of articles and blog posts compiling some of the most bizarre, I had two main problems with most of them.  First, some of them are downright disturbing.  Additionally, a good percentage of them were not only bizarre in their imagery, but the music was too unorthodox or uninspired for my taste.  So what I bring you today is a list of five weird, quirky, and/or whimsical music videos that maintain family-friendly imagery and decent music.  Because music is after all more important than the video.  In other words, these videos won’t damage your sanity.


(If you’re not interested in weird videos, scroll to the end of the post because I don’t know everything and I’m asking for your suggestions on something…)

Note: neither The Window Philosopher blog nor Peuce L. Monk can guarantee that your sanity will remain intact under any circumstances.  The above assertions are based on personal experience. Continue reading

The One I’ve Been Waiting For


This post is one that I have been waiting to write for quite some time.  What I was waiting for was a significant number of followers, and I think nineteen (woohoo! thanks guys!) is enough to make this worthwhile.  Because this is something I feel quite strongly about spreading the word on.

“What could possibly be so important, P.L.M.?”

“Making other people’s day, that’s what.”

So here’s the story: a few years ago, my family and I were staying at a friend’s house in northern Virginia for a few days.  We went out shopping for something, possibly groceries, but we inevitably ended up in the book section of Target.  I’d recently seen the movie rendition of Boublil and Shönberg’s “Les Misérables” (which by the way, I don’t recommend.  See it live.)  Because it was in theaters, there was a rack with copies of the original novel by Victor Hugo.  I didn’t think we had a copy, so mom said, “Sure, get one,” and probably something about it being a classic

Fast-forward to when we got home.  I had the novel and had started reading it, when I stumbled upon a scrap of paper between the pages a few chapters in.  It read, “Don’t dream your life, live your dreams!”  Underneath that was a URL, www.randomnoteproject.com.  “Hmm…” I thought, “What could the Random Note Project be?”

I got on the computer and typed in the URL.  Turns out that someone has started a project to leave anonymous notes for people to find, to brighten their day.  In their own words:

“Random Note Project is an impromptu happiness spreading activity started by a girl who thought the world could use a decent pick-me-up. Through RNP, that girl met about seven other people who were interested in making people happy. These seven people have, at various times, participated in what is called “note ghosting.” Note ghosts anonymously write pick-me-up lines on their media of choice and leave them for strangers to find.”

- RNP website

Now, I think this is an absolutely amazing idea.  It’s one of those concepts that you see and wonder “Why didn’t I think of that?”.  But that’s not all, because you are invited to participate:

“So there you have it. Now it’s your turn! Write a few of your own and post them in places where people venture. Post them in places where people don’t usually venture. Have fun with it and spread some smiles!”


I admit, it’s fun.  And you’re doing something for other people at the same time.  Maybe it’ll make someone’s day, maybe it won’t, but the point is, it might.  That’s the key.  Along with doing it anonymously.  (And don’t forget to put www.randomnoteproject.com  at the bottom.)

So check it out people.  GO GHOST SOME NOTES!


The Scissors of Andúril


Every time I use take these scissors out of the dishwasher and put them back together:

scissors“Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”


*    *    *    *    *

P.S.  For any Kingdom Hearts cosplayers who might be out there, yes, that’s Roxas’ wristband you see.  Let me tell you: the secret weapon is duct tape.  (Same as the secret weapon for everything else.)  It took maybe twenty minutes to make these.  So don’t waste $18 on Amazon to include international shipping, folks.  ‘S just not cool.


The Paradox of Selfish Moments


Today is a lovely day in my hometown.  Sunny, temperature in the low 70’s.  The sounds of the small town wilderness wafted around the backyard as I sat, reading quietly.  Quite idyllic.

I was absorbed in my book, when two cardinals, Mr. Cardinal and Cardinal Junior, flitted down from the sky and perched on the fence not 15 feet away.  The two chirruped back and forth for a while before Mr. Cardinal hopped down onto the back porch.  I watched as he eyed a small patch of tall sunflowers, shooting glances at one that drooped and faced the ground.  Bracing himself, he leaped up and hovered long enough to grasp a sunflower seed in his beak and wrench it away from the flower before landing again on the porch.  Rather than eat the seed immediately he took flight, and alighting on the fence, proceeded to feed the prize to Cardinal Junior, whose mouth was opened wide in expectation.

It was one of those small miracles that nature grants to us on occasion.  My book forgotten, I took in the spectacle as it was repeated several times.  Then I found myself wishing I had my camera, to record the event for others to witness too.  “Why is that?” I wondered.  Why do I feel the need to capture this moment that has been given to me in high, yet imperfect definition? Continue reading

What I Did On the Airplane


Howdy, folks!  The Window Philosopher has returned, after two of the most amazing weeks of my life on an island in Greece with 90 other choir people.  I wish we all could have stayed longer.  I met so many awesome people, and then had to leave them.  So I miss Syros, but it’s kind of nice to be home.

It would be an injustice if I didn’t tell you, my dear readers, all about it.  But for now, I’m holding off while I consider making a video blog of the trip instead.  Well then why are you writing, Peuce?  WE WANNA HEAR ABOUT GREECE!  Yes, I know you do, but until that’s ready, I will give you something else I love doing: album reviews.

See, international travel means long plane rides, and long plane rides mean lots of time to listen to music.  I didn’t really expand my horizons with these, but I have expanded my knowledge of two of my most favoritest bands, Jars of Clay and Death Cab for Cutie.  So without further ado: Continue reading