Vivaldi and Disney (and then just Vivaldi)

Perhaps this post would have been more appropriate earlier in the year, but I didn’t come across what I came across until just the other day.  I’ve always loved Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, each in their own way, so I was rather intrigued when I saw that The Piano Guys had done a medley of the first movement from Winter and “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen.

I think this video is cool for a few main reasons:

  1. It’s The Piano Guys.  They always do a good job.
  2. There’s a piano.  A white piano in the middle of the snow.  There should be pianos everywhere in random outdoor locations like this.
  3. It’s Vivaldi.  ‘Nuff said.
  4. Holy cow, you can stream this video in 4K?!

Yes, if you click the little cog under the video, there is an option for 2160p.  And it worked, although my internet could not keep up and skipped quite a few frames, but I felt awesome streaming 4K video from YouTube, like I was streaming the future, or something.  But seriously, no one (by which I mean normal people, not Robert Heron) uses 4K monitors yet, do they?

Alas, I digress.  It’s a cool video, but I thought there was more Frozen than there was Vivaldi.  And they really took some creative license.  So just to be fair, here is the whole thing:

Personally, this is my favorite recording.  Go Itzhak Perlman!

Why am I posting this?  Well, there’s still a few more weeks of winter left.  I just think this piece (the Vivaldi) really does capture the idea of winter well.  It’s almost an alternative to dreaming of spring; instead it let’s both the fury and the beauty (2nd movement) of winter be expressed.  You might say it’s Vivaldi’s version of “Let It Go”.

I know you all are looking at me funny, but I thought it was apropos to the season.  What do you like to listen to during winter?

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