Ash Wednesday

Ashes.  The dust of our lives.  The remnants of who we once were.  All that remains of our separate worlds at the end of time.  Something that has burned to the ground, leaving before us the road we didn’t want to walk.  Yet we know we must, that we are called to walk it.

It seems sad from the outside.  We know that our death is inevitable.  We know that His death is too.  It isn’t here yet, but we can see it.  At the same time, we travel with hope, because we also see the joy that comes afterwards.

Because He did die.  But then He did something even crazier.

We’re not there yet, though.  We’re at the start of the road.  We have to get closer.  Closer to Jesus.  He’s calling us and we are obliged to go.  After all, He created us.

After all, we killed Him.

Can we obey when he warns against hypocrisy?  Will we let Him wash our feet?  Could we stay awake for that one hour?

It’s the least He deserves.  But the best part is, He’s willing to help us, because all this is for our own good whether we realize it or not.  He’s standing right next to you, ready to start walking.

So let’s walk with Him.  Beyond this place, beyond death and resurrection, beyond these forty days and into time eternal.


What say you, friend?

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