Good Friday

It’s never “good” that people die.  It’s never “good” when people are killed by others.  It isn’t “good” that we so often fail to do what is good.  But all of these things happen.  Yes, they are bad, but we keep living, and even make what good we can from them.  We forgive, we learn, we try again.

And God, being perfect, makes good come from His very own death.  And it’s not just something that mitigates the tragedy, like mopping up spilled milk.  Soon after the worst day in history came the most glorious day of all.  God is the only one who managed to make His response greater than the disaster was bad.  Out of death, He gives everyone life.  It’s easy to kill someone.  It’s quite another thing to bring them back to life.

Sometimes, maybe it makes us so sad to see what’s wrong with the world.  Maybe we are so disappointed in ourselves we think we can never change.  Maybe we are so broken and blind as to think that God is just a fantasy, or that we don’t need Him.  But the thing is, whether we believe in Him or not, He is our only hope of making any good come of our struggles in this life.  Either He exists and loves us and cares for us or life will never be any more than “fine”.  More than just “okay”.

The way I see it, it only makes sense to hope that the message we hear on Good Friday is real; that even as we crucified our creator (how incredible a thought) He had already forgiven us.  How He loves us.


What say you, friend?

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