This post was going to be titled “Easter Sunday”, but alas I didn’t get around to writing it yesterday, which is astonishing because yesterday was the crowning moment of the liturgical year.  At last, after all the long journey, the suffering, the utter love God has for us and for His Son has brought us here.  To joy, and peace.  And perhaps astonishingly, to home.

Yes, we are home.  And how happy we should be; so happy that the joy of the message we have been given overflows into everything we do.  The way I celebrate Easter as a Catholic is as a season, like Lent.  A season of fifty days.  After all that time getting here, Easter joy should stick around for a little while, right?  And throughout this season, just as we kept repentance foremost in our minds during Lent, I hope we keep rejoicing foremost in our minds during Easter.

After all, Easter tells us above all that every time it seems like evil, sin, death have taken over, God has the last word.  That hope is beyond our wildest expectations seeing as we deserve death.  But He propped us up on our feet again, and not only showed us the way, but walks it with us.

Some say there is no God and thus no hope of Resurrection.  They’d say I’m crazy.  But frankly, I don’t believe them.  And I would rather be crazy than hopeless.  What do you say?  Shall we all be crazy together?



What say you, friend?

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