The Journal of Cecil B. – Day 1

Okay I lied.  Spring concert yesterday, and it just got too late to blog.  So here is part one of Cecil’s fantastical tale.  Enjoy.

The Fantastical Tale of Cecil B.

edited by Peuce L. Monk

Editor’s Note

Within these pages, I record a story which I feel must endure in history. Here in a cabin in Hungry Mother State Park, within the cabin’s guest journal, my companions and I encountered this strange and disturbing tale. How did it come to be? Is it the ravings of a madman? Is it fiction? Or should we live in fear of Cecil B.’s tale being true and of his possible return to our lodging? Regardless, I herein record his unearthly tale in the hopes of what, I do not know. Here it is, faithfully recorded.

Yours truly,


25 April 2014

The Journal of Cecil B. – Cabin 21

Day 1

I arrived at the park today – the weather was pleasant but slightly overcast. For being such a lovely park, it seems there aren’t many people here. I haven’t seen any park rangers, but I have seen one small family leaving as I came in. I rented a cabin for myself to enjoy Virginia’s nature… take a break from my job for a while. I didn’t bring much food of my own, so I walked down to the restaurant but it seemed to be closed. I wonder why the only restaurant in the park wouldn’t be open on a Saturday evening.

– Cecil B.


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