Ulterior Motives Aside

Good afternoon, peoples of the interwebs.  Today I bring you a music suggestion, and while it is one I am in a way obliged to make, I wholeheartedly support the music of this group.

So way back in March while I was at DYC (which, yes, I will actually keep my promise and write about that sometime), I saw a table with some CD’s on it.  Upon further inspection, they were by an a cappella quartet called Sixtus.

“Sixtus,” I said.  “Oh yeah, I remember them!”

It was two years ago, at the 2012 Diocesan Youth Conference when Sixtus performed for the hundreds of Catholic teenagers and chaperones gathered in the convention center that evening.  I thought they were really cool for two reasons:

1) They were at that time made up of three seminarians and a priest, and

2) They sounded awesome.

And I guess one could say that they were contradicting the ridiculous stereotype that priests are stern or awkward and never allowed to be cool or have fun.  But anyway, there I was, and the CD was the same one they had in 2012, only this time I had the option to buy one right then rather than having to order it online and pay shipping.  But wait, there was a sign:

“Sixtus CD’s.  $10, or talk to Fr. Joe for a special deal.”

I don’t think I have that much Scottish in me, but the possibility of a reduced price and the mysterious wording of the message led me on a hunt for Father Joe.  I knew who Father Joe Goldsmith was.  He’s  part of Sixtus and I’d talked to him before.  He was surprisingly easy to find in a convention center full of 800 teenagers, but maybe it was because I caught him right after breakfast.

“Hey, Father Joe,”  I said.  He greeted me and I asked about the special deal.  He told me that Sixtus had won an award for their music.  (According to their website, they won Audience Favorite and Best Original Song at the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival.)  The deal was that if I would send out an email to some of my friends to tell them about it, the CD was available for a reduced price.  I said “Or I maybe I could put something on my blog about it,” to which he replied, “Yeah, you could do that too.”

So here I am.  In all honesty, I enjoy their music, and hey, I’m all for supporting indie groups, let alone ones with priests in them.

Their website is http://www.sixtusacappella.com/.  Here are some YouTubes:

Why is it lesser-known groups can never seem to afford tripods?

Also, they often seem to end up in places with horrible acoustics.

If you like a cappella, check ’em out.  Peace.


One thought on “Ulterior Motives Aside

  1. They’re cool, sort of reminds me of the quartet you sing in, except of course that they’re priests. I’m sure the cd has much better acoustics, I’d like to listen to that sometime


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