Humor, Always

Over the next few weeks, my family and I will be out of town visiting several different places, but I figured in between I could squeeze in a few more posts about NSAM and random stuff in general.  For example, this weekend I’ll be at the Immaculate Heart of Mary National Homeschool and Parent Conference.  Quite a long name.  Quite an awesome event, for homeschoolers and for Catholics especially, but it’s not exclusive to these two groups.  So if you happen to be in Fredericksburg, Virginia this weekend, for some reason, check it out.  Admission is free.  *thumbs up*

But yeah, so blogging stuff.  (Gosh, this WordPress spellchecker is ironic.  It thinks that the words “blog”, “blogging”, “WordPress”, and “internet” are all spelled incorrectly.  What in the world is up with that?)  It’s always good to be able to laugh at one’s self.  Right?  (Nearly) every situation is best met with a bit of levity.  Including scoliosis.  How could I not Google “scoliosis humor” to see what came up?

So today, I figured I’d share a few of my favorites.  Enjoy.









This cracked me up.












What a wacky photo.
Nah, I just smile and nod politely.
Yeah, ain’t that right?

What say you, friend?

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