Episode 1 – Why We Sing

30 July

6:30 am.  My alarm clock awakened me as it faithfully did every morning.  This was, however, no ordinary morning.  This was Monday, July 30, 2014 A.D. and I knew it.  Blearily, I silenced the jangling timepiece and paused to gaze out of the window for the last time.  Not the last time ever, but as I grabbed my suitcase and heaved it upstairs, I knew it would be over a fortnight before I slept in my own bed again.

I was about to do something incredible.  In a day, I was going to sail across the sky, through clouds and over the Atlantic, to what is nearly a whole different world.

Before I go on: my plans for this blog/vlog project went through several stages before arriving at the form I think best and most feasible for it.  I actually made one episode of the full-on vlog before deciding to meld the two forms.  I think it does any necessary introduction concisely, so I revised it some, and here ya go, peoples of the interwebs; you shall hear my voice.

Don’t you just love the ending?  Mwahaha.  And by the way, if you didn’t watch the credits, go back and watch them please.  It’s a pet peeve of mine when people don’t; staying through the credits is a gesture of respect to everyone who worked on whatever it is you are watching.  But then, in this case, that’s just me, and the amazing Kevin MacLeod, who doesn’t know I exist as far as I can tell, so I guess I’m fine with you skipping them.  They have cool music though.

There’s much more to come, folks.  Stay tuned…



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