Gasp!  Now he’s done it!

“What, what, who’s done what?”

This, this, I’ve done this.  What’s this?  Posted twice in one night.  In one hour.  Well world, get over it.  I dunno when the next time I’ll have a chance to write is.  So here I am.

I have for some time been considering posting my poetry here.  I’ve finally decided against making a separate blog for it, despite the fact that it would give me the freedom of a different blog skin more suited to the form.  *sigh*  So here it is.  My latest completed attempt at poetry.  It’s not perfection, but it is practice.  It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s mine.  So there you go.  😉

I can’t think of anything else interesting to say about it, so here it is:


Open those bright eyes.
Gripping my coffee mug
For its warmth I stare
At the rain, as great clouds
Loom over my world.

I shouldn’t feel this tired
Yet; it’s not yet noon.
Still, I can see clearly
That the sun sleeps not,
Piercing through the downpour
To paint the parked cars
Silver like the asphalt.

A sparrow flits past,
Awakened by the breeze
That nudges the leaves
Rousing them from their sleep:
“Open those bright eyes!”
Shouting, the rain redoubles
Its headlong descent.

What irony that Earth
Is brighter out there
Than within these walls with
Spotlights built to last
But seconds against the Earth’s
Deep relentless sky.

I glance at you to find
You already know
The plan I have in mind
Of a world beyond
Safe and dry, meaningless
Rigmaroles, raincoats.

Smile, take my hand in yours,
Laughing at long last,
Drenched to the skin; who cares.
With our eyes open wide
The waters dissolve
Our worries and fatigue,
And this silent war
Forgotten, I can face
The world, fearlessly.


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