Earworm: Natural Anthem

Natural Anthem – The Postal Service

Having a song stuck in my head with a four minute long intro is a little annoying.  But I didn’t choose for it to be there, and it’s a neat song.  And while it’s a little repetitive, it doesn’t just stay still; it grows.  And I like the lyrics.

But seriously, YouTubers, do you really think that pointing out that the video (which is just a picture of the album art) is HD makes it a good one?  The video resolution here is entirely irrelevant; it is the audio quality that matters.  Or am I supposed to stare in awe at its high-res glory instead of listening to the song?  I still don’t know.

Happy Wednesday everybody.  Enjoy the music.


9 thoughts on “Earworm: Natural Anthem

    1. Haha, well thanks for your honesty. It is a little odd, but sometimes I am in the mood for something different.
      Yay for audio quality indeed! Coincidentally that particular uploader does usually have good audio quality as well.


      1. I completely understand the concept of needing different kinds of music based on our moods. I am very much that way, Luke. I think that’s one of the reasons why I prefer the scan button in my car. The other reason is because I’m terribly afraid of missing all the good songs, so I only listen to about 30 seconds of most songs.
        Good to know…


      2. Yep. But thankfully there is music for pretty much any mood. And when there isn’t we can write more.
        Haha, yeah, the good songs can be few and far between. Nothing I know ever plays on the radio (except one random time in the store…). My cousin has an XM radio receiver that alerts you when a particular song you like is playing. I wish all radios did that…


      3. I would like to write a song. I’ve never tried. For some reason I find it incredibly intimidating. I’m with you on the music I listen to is never on the radio. Everyone here is chatterung on about this new station on the radio. Every time I’m in the car I tune in and I think the music stinks. I never catch all the “old school” tunes that everyone seems to be raving about. Maybe someday soon I’ll get lucky. Until then…


      4. Hmm… yeah, practice helps I think. I say I think because I don’t do it often enough to know, but practice helps with everything. Maybe you can just try it. You won’t have to sing it for anyone.
        That radio station had better live up to its reputation. 🙂 Old music is awesome.


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