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November!!!  What the heck?  Who left the calendar on?  It’s supposed to be October still.

So yeah.  Yesterday was Halloween, and my WordPress Reader was filled with Halloween-themed posts from poetry to pictures of horrible costumes no one must buy.  Perhaps some would say I’m too old for trick-or-treating, but I went, mainly for the sake of keeping Halloween alive in our neighborhood which doesn’t have a lot of young children in it.  Surprisingly, however, we had an ALL TIME RECORD OF SIX TRICK-OR-TREATERS THIS YEAR.  *happy dance*

So yeah, I wandered out into the darkness and while I was strolling along to the top of the hill where our former neighbors now live, I looked upwards at the clouds.  It’s funny when thoughts strike you at random quite moments like that.  If you think about it, clouds at night are really a good analogy for showing how simple and necessary it is for anyone to have faith.  Even atheists.  On a clear night, you can see the stars.  On a cloudy night, you can’t.  But that doesn’t mean the stars aren’t there.  That would be horrible and hopeless.  We still have faith that the stars are shining; no one denies that they are.  End analogy.  *bows*  Then you can start to notice that while the clouds aren’t as magical as the stars, they can be pretty too.

According to tradition, I chose a particularly quiet moment with few street lamps and let out a series of maniacal laughs.  *grins*

When I got home, I found that my sister and her friend (who didn’t feel like venturing out in the drizzle) had started watching The Corpse Bride without me.  We always visit them or have them come visit us on Friday, and it just so happened to be Halloween this time, so we carved pumpkins.  Behold:

So we finished the movie.  A definite Halloween favorite.  And hey, since it was only yesterday, you can still watch Halloween movies tonight, right?  If you’re looking for ideas, our two classics are The Nightmare Before Christmas and Young Frankenstein.  And this morning we watched The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, which is a wonderful old film.  Not exactly scary, but it does have a ghost in it.  *shrugs*

But today, today is the day of which All Hallows’ Eve but hints.  In contemporary English, we say All Saints’ Day.  Hoorah!  So here’s to celebrating all the saints, both known and unknown but to God, and all people who live their lives as an example of God’s love to the world.  *raises glass in toast*  (To all bookworms: if you’ve never read St. Thérèse of Liseux’s autobiography Story of a Soul, I encourage you to do so.  It’s an awesome book.)  All Saints’ Day means that all parishioners arise/fall out of bed in time to make it to church for nine o’clock Mass in celebration.  And afterwards some of my friends started throwing snowballs at each other, which is fun too.

Oh yes, and that’s the other thing.  IT SNOWED.  Like, holy Fazoli’s, I guess it was forecast, but it’s still a surprise to see the ground covered with half an inch of the stuff.  ‘Twas pretty.  I’m not quite tired of staring at the great tree over at the community college that has been blazing scarlet lately, but I swear, the beauty of snow…

Stay warm, everyone.  Happy Halloween and All Saints’ Day!  I wish you whatever sort of weather you might enjoy.  Thanks for reading this ramble, unfocused as it has been.  Bye!


11 thoughts on “This Is What We Call Blogging ADD

  1. My favorite Halloween movies:
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    The Corpse Bride
    Young Frankenstein
    Sorry we watched half of the Corpse bride without you, Luke, I mean, Agent Mulder, but we didn’t know when you’d be back.


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