Setting Stuff on Fire (Literally and Figuratively)

Lessons learned in Chemistry today:

  1. Light behaves both as a wave and as a particle.
  2. Particles of light called photons are emitted from electrons when they lose energy.  These changes in energy occur in degrees measurable by integers, with no intermediate level (like a step function.)
  3. If you pour methane on random crap and set it on fire IT GLOWS IN ALL SORTS OF WEIRD COLORS.

Number three will be the most memorable moment from the class I daresay.  Rest assured this demonstration was carried out by Professor and not by us pyromaniac young’uns.  I was sad that I did not have my camera…  But yeah, next time you put fuel in your lantern, add some strontium chloride and let me know what happens.  You can get it on Amazon.  *nods excitedly*  (‘Cept no one uses lanterns nowadays unless their power goes out.)

I dunno.  I felt like blogging today, so here I am.  I guess I ought to make an attempt at writing something interesting.

Well… today I opened my Bible just to see what I would land on (always an interesting endeavor).  It happened that I came across Mark 4:21:

He said to them, “Is a lamp brought in to be placed under a bushel basket or under a bed, and not to be placed on a lampstand?”

There’s a practice known as Lectio Divina which involves taking a verse from the Bible and examining it word by word, meditating and praying over it.  I found this verse to be a good one for it.  I mean sure, we’ve all heard it before.  “Jesus is saying don’t hide the fact that your a Christian or whatever, I don’t remember, whatever the Sunday school teacher said it was about.”

But really, there’s a lot to look at here.  What is the lamp?  What does it mean for the lamp to be “brought in”?  Why would one place it under a bushel basket?  Do I?  How can I better ensure that its light spreads throughout the house?  And then you pray about it.  Contemplate it.

I could tell you the answers I had to these questions, but that would be beside the point.  The point is to discern what it is God is trying to say to you at this moment in your life through the Scriptures.  For example, I found this particular verse to have a particular meaning to my life right now, and I just opened to a random page.  (Further cementing my belief that happenstance does not exist.  Everything happens for a reason the way I see it.)

So give it a try.  You may be surprised at what you find.  I wish you all a splendoriffic evening, and as the year draws so quickly to a close, enjoy whatever remains to you of Autumn.  And don’t forget to be awesome.



4 thoughts on “Setting Stuff on Fire (Literally and Figuratively)

    1. Cool! I find this quantum theory of the atom to be a little complicated. Do you like Chemistry? Yeah, setting stuff on fire is always fun! We even turned all the lights off to add to the effect.


      1. Uuuuh now that’s sweet!!!! (meaning the turning off lights thing…. 😉 )
        …….Do I like Chemistry?………………….Eeeeeeh………… Well I love our teacher he’s great and everything except for the fact that he sucks in teaching………………………………………… Soooooo yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah……
        How about you? Do you like Chemistry???? 🙂


      2. Ah… yes, good teachers are everything, teaching being in their name and all that. I do like Chemistry. I find it interesting, and I don’t mind the math. Again though, I have a good teacher. 😉
        Have a good evening! Although, you live in Austria, right? *Googles what time it is in Austria* Yep, good evening! Or good night! Sleep well…

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