Another Earworm, Housekeeping, Infinity, and a Priest

Featherstone – The Paper Kites

I stumbled across this song via what I consider one of YouTube’s most annoying features.  When looking up a new artist on YouTube, I usually find there’s a playlist the site will generate of that band’s most popular songs.  However, these playlists are sometimes interspersed with songs from other bands that YouTube’s algorithms “think” are similar.  This makes no sense at all to me, but it did lead to me discovering this song from a band I had never heard of.

I suppose it got stuck in my head because of its plaintive but somehow upbeat melody.  Plus, it’s rather calming.  The harmonies are also neat.  Indie folk-rock: what’s not to love?  (Still not sure quite what to make of the video though…)

I do however have a few things to address in addition to music.  Just some points regarding this blog, in case any of you have been wondering:

  1. Yes, more Greece posts are coming.  I think during Christmas break I should be able to get a lot done on this front.  I’ve not forgotten.
  2. There are several of you whose comments always seem to require my approval.  I don’t know why this is because it should be set up so anyone with one approved comment already is in the clear.  And I don’t know whether you people to whom this occurs care much, but yeah.  Just thought I’d say, I’m aware WordPress keeps doing that… and that I have no idea why, or how to stop it.
  3. There is no item three.  But things always look better in threes.  So here is the third item, which doesn’t exist.  Except it does exist now.  Or does it?
  4. Because I felt like it.
  5. Oh, but does four exist?  Do five or six?  Does seven exist, but invisibly?
  6. Do 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. exist?  Are there in fact an infinite number of items here?

Also, on an entirely different topic, I’ve been watching a lot of Fr. Robert Barron’s videos on YouTube lately.  I encourage you to look him up; I find his videos are very intellectual and logical.  Gives one something to think about on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Bit of a ramble today… the product of the past hour and a half of my mind’s wanderings.  Time to go crank up the stereo and bake some granola.

Have a happy Sunday!


10 thoughts on “Another Earworm, Housekeeping, Infinity, and a Priest

      1. Hmm… the first thing that popped into my head was the theme song to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. 🙂 But then the theme song to the BBC series Robin Hood would be cool, if a little overdramatic. 🙂 Chit chat is a strange expression I think. o.0


      2. Yay Robin Hood! Your a fan? Do you watch much British television?
        I believe o.0 is used to represent a bemused expression, like the one eyebrow is raised higher than the other or something. That’s how my friend uses it, and I just stole it from her, so there you go. 😉


      3. Ha. Well, thanks for explaining that for me. I’ve seen it around. 🙂

        I do like Robin Hood. I don’t watch much television, anymore. Most of my down time is dedicated to writing. I’ve missed a lot of programming, but I haven’t missed it, if that makes sense. There are times when I watch a football game or a movie.


  1. First of all LOL
    Second of all like the song…. Slightly creepy, slightly sleepy, but good none the less
    Third of all uuuuuuuh you baked granola?!?😍 What kind??????
    P.S.: How weird is the word earworm???? o.O


    1. Hello! Thanks for laughing!
      Sleepy… that’s a good word to describe it. 🙂
      Well, I was going to make granola, but it turns out that we have no oats. 😦 So maybe this weekend after Mom goes to the store I will. We used to buy it, but it’s cheaper to make, and tastes a lot better. 😉 We usually make it with dried cranberries and pecans.
      Earworm is a very strange word indeed. No one would want to have an actual worm in their ear… But it’s a word nonetheless, so, I guess we’re stuck with it. 🙂
      Have a good evening!


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