Yesterday had just arrived
When tomorrow took its place.
Today was lost in a sea of cares
That drowned the memory of your face.
Then you surfaced not far off,
The sunlight forced its way to Earth.
The wind went wild when yesterday arrived.

I sat alone in a crowded room.
Not a word I heard nor spoke.
Am I a stone to stay so cold?
Am I a fool to yet feel hope?
Pages of your manuscript,
Catch the breeze and float to Earth.
They rest forgotten on the crowded floor.

Remnants lined with fractured words,
Truth in fragments yet again
Lies abandoned at your door,
Silence I cannot pretend
To wish for or know how to mend.
Still I dream I’ll find a friend
Who may still understand these fractured words.


13 thoughts on “Words

    1. Yeah! Or maybe poetry writes me… I just jot these things down whenever the inspiration hits me. 🙂
      By the way, it’s Thanksgiving Day here in the US, so I wanted to say thank you for reading my blog, and for everything you post on yours. I’m glad to have met you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I did, although it switches after the first stanza just a little abruptly I know. The ocean is in the mind of the narrator I suppose…
      Glad you enjoyed it! That’s true. It’s kind of funny actually: whenever I post poems, those seem to get the most likes. I’m grateful for you and everyone else who reads them, and everyone who posts poetry for others to read. ‘Tis a wonderful thing to be able to discover new ones every day.


      1. Glad it was discernible. 🙂 Thanks! *laughs* And thanks for your faith in my potential I’m torn though… If my poetry ends up breaking people’s hearts, I would be like “Yeah, I made something powerful”, but then at the same time I would be like “Oh my, so sorry, I didn’t mean to break your hearts people…” 🙂 Maybe it’s my own fascination with sad things talking. They can be very deep, but at the same time, well, sad…


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