GUESS WHAT?  You’re invited!  Yes you.  All my dear readers, both the regulars and the ones who pop by every now and then, and anyone who might stumble upon this by crazy random happenstance, I hereby formally invite you to the first annual Window Philosopher Christmas Party.  *confetti*  It’s just an idea I had the other day that sprang from another idea.

See, I had been thinking of doing a summary of the best music, books, films, random stuff, etc. that I had encountered over the past year.  (I even have a cool name for it… which for now is top secret.)  I love doing these reviews and such, you see.  But then I thought… hey, maybe it would be even more fun if I got y’all involved.

So here’s how it’s going to work.  Over the next ten days, from today until midnight on Tuesday the 16th, you may nominate one item in each of the following categories with a brief synopsis (give or take, under 50 words) of why you love it and/or why it was meaningful to you this year.  You can do that by commenting on this post, or by using the contact button in the sidebar.

The categories are:

  • Music
  • Books
  • Films
  • Website
  • Video (as in: originally published online)
  • Miscellaneous (literally, whatever you want can go in this category.  If you discovered Chinese Crested Dogs this year and they’ve become meaningful to you, then you can nominate them.

The only other condition is that you have to have discovered it or it has to have become meaningful to you within the calendar year 2014.  And I’ll make an exception, if you want, you can nominate two items under music (say one contemporary and one classical, or a song and an album) and two under books (one fiction and one nonfiction).

When I’ve gotten all the replies, I’ll take them all, compile them into a series of short posts, and then post them.  I think it’ll be a fun project to see what has inspired one another in the year past.  Then, on the 23rd, I’ll post a Christmas-y finale post and we can all wish each other Merry Christmas in the comments.  😉  And I’m calling it a Christmas party.

So there you have it.  Let loose the comments!  I can’t wait to see how this turns out.  Hope I get a good amount of replies.  (Mom, Dad, Sis, I’m looking at you all.)  🙂

Peace!  DFTBA!


  1. Great idea. Christmas is coming so fast…what a wonder.

    Okay, I nominate the film “John Carter”. I did see it this year, actually, and I really enjoyed it. It deviates from the book somewhat, but nobody really cares about that. There’s epic battle scenes, great stunts (as in jumping off ships miles in the air), and a great big battle at the end. I love battles.

    Also, I’ll nominate the soundtrack to How To Train Your Dragon 2. I’ve had endless hours of enjoyment listening to it. The themes are beautiful, and the music is always changing.

    Hope I did that right!


  2. Music: A Lack Of Color by Death Cab For Cutie…well because you recommended it and I thought it was a sweet song.

    Movie: Anonymous. ..because I love Shakespeare, in truth. Anyone willing to write a movie about him must be offered something in return. Mysterious tale, I think. The movie came out a while back, I didn’t get to see it, forgot about it, then remembered it, in turn then, fell in love with it.

    Book: The One And Only Ivan; A Texas Bluebonnet Award winner. Who doesn’t love a book about a gorilla? Plus, I thought it did a great job of teaching children apathy.

    Video: Guitar War by Professor VJ Duke. Mostly, because he’s brave and extremely talented, but also because he just released it and tis fresh in my mind. (I like that you two have becime friends!) The music speaks for itself, I think. Lovely and powerful in the same breath.

    Website: IDK….

    Miscellaneous: The video you showed me of the nice man who gave out a rose to random women and told them they were appreciated, I think. I don’t believe I’ve smiled or awwww’d for that long in a very long time.

    Just so you know this took me a few attempts…I lost my comment twice. Ugh. For you I shall try until it works. I was much more descriptive the first go around. 🙂


    1. Thanks! These all sound neat. *smiles* And you nominated one of my silly songs. 😀 The Professor’s video was neat indeed! He is a great friend. I’m glad to have met him. 😉
      Oh no! :O I wonder why it would do that… how horrid. Glad it worked the third time. Thanks for your persistence. 😉


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