Still Breathing

Dear people of the blogosphere,

I just wanted to dash off a quick post to assure you that I am not dead.  I shall get back to this ol’ blog quite shortly, but the days have managed to be rather full of late, despite the fact that finals are over…  But, they have been full of fun and fellowship.

We’ve got two final concerts this weekend, but as soon as I get a chance, I shall regale you with tales of such fascinating things as:

  • a kitten
  • an award
  • the Window Philosopher Christmas Party
  • some music-related things
  • best wishes for the new year

So stay tuned, folks.  Until then, may God bless you, and stay warm.  And don’t forget to be awesome.

8 thoughts on “Still Breathing

  1. Oh yeah! I always forget to be awesome. I mean, I’m walking the dog, or doing laundry, or tearing my hair out over math, and all of the sudden I freeze.
    I’ve forgotten to be awesome! (gasp!)
    so I head to the fridge, grab some Tuscan Whole Milk and sit down to write myself a note .
    Don’t forget to be awesome.
    But there are times when I’m so busy, I let my awesomeness meter sink to zero. And in a world where the Anti Awesome prey on the weak, dragging them over to their awesomeness-empty dark side, you can’t afford to forget.
    So don’t forget to be awesome.

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    1. Best. Comment. Ever. 😀
      You really can’t afford to forget. I in fact find that speeding up my banana-slicing with a Hutzler 571 is quite useful in boosting my awesome meter. Especially if I’m wearing my three wolf moon shirt and reading “The Story About Ping” at the same time.

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