In Eager Expectation

To anyone and everyone who has enjoyed the many Death Cab for Cutie songs I post here: their newest album is coming out at the end of March and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED RIGHT NOW YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

Here is a link to Pitchfork’s article on the announcement, which also explains the album’s curious name.

Until then… I will try to remain composed.  But I know it’s gonna be the first thing I blurt out when I finish writing this and head upstairs to where the rest of my family are…




2 thoughts on “In Eager Expectation

    1. That’s the thing… I don’t think Mozart or Bach will be releasing an album any time soon. Somebody should release their pieces in batches though and pretend like they’re brand new. Maybe take K 1-20 or something, pick out the best ones, and give it a really cool name and cover art. I’d buy it.
      Maybe they’d call it… Maestropiece Theatre. 😀


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