The Iliad

A silly little poem to cap off the evening.  Enjoy!

The Iliad

He’d caught it at last
And he held it up high,
But it leaped and bit down on his chin.

Then the eel he had caught
Slithered off through the sea,
And I never did see him again.

(15 January)

Stay awesome, folks.  Sleep tight…

11 thoughts on “The Iliad

      1. I might make a Twitter account eventually, but no, I don’t have one now. 😦 For the most part I communicate via these here blog comments, email, and the good old-fashioned Postal Service. *nods* (I did pop over to your Twitter though, remembering you have one, and it looks very neat indeed.)


      2. Haha aaw thanks 🙂 you’re so sweet 😉
        Oh well I guess you kinda dodged a bullet there, I was planning on annoying you on a daily basis *insert evil chuckle here* but looks like I’ll have to do it from here…. 😛


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