Yes, I Am An Introvert

Dear world,
I’m reblogging this because it says it a lot better than I could have. And it’s just sooooooo accurate.
Cheers. Happy Sunday!

Positive Outlooks

Yes, I am an introvert. No, I’m not shy. No, I’m not stuck up. No, I’m not antisocial. I’m just listening. I’m just observing. I can’t stand small talk… But I’ll talk about life for hours. I’d rather be home with a close friend or two than among a crowd of acquaintances. Don’t scold me in public. Don’t embarrass me in public. Respect that I am reserved. And if I open myself up to you, know that means you’re very special to me. — Unknown

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12 thoughts on “Yes, I Am An Introvert

  1. I am unable to comment on Wally’s blog any more. He banned me after I asked him to apologise for saying my father was the Devil and my mother (who, unbeknownst to him at the time) is a devout Christian had given birth to ”a pig a swine” ( his words)- comments he subsequently removed from the thread after I wrote a post about it.
    He is a hypocrite and a coward and simply wallowing in self righteous back slapping with his fundie buddies.
    You seem to have a modicum of intelligence in this regard. How much I am not sure. Maybe there’s hope for you?

    Here is the response to the Catholic/Protestant comment n Wally’s thread.

    See, it’s easier to gang up on the nasty atheist rather than confront the real issue.
    Did the schism truly benefit the Christian church?
    I thought it hilarious when the two Popes excommunicated each other.
    That was genuinely funny.

    Otherwise? Ha! Look at all the heinous brutality and slaughter that followed.
    Look at what Martin Luther did/was: a real screwed up piece of meat that one and there is a lot of society’s ills that be laid at his door.
    Just how well do you know your religious history, Louis?
    Not as well as you think, I’ll venture. Neither do the vast amount of Christians.
    Why not do some serious study and research? Be the first truly informed and intelligent Christian on your block? For the novelty value if for nothing else.
    If you all obliterated each other in some internecine war I wouldn’t be particularly upset. For the collateral damage, yes, but if you lot were mad enough to test this ”faith” I’d simply laugh at your stupidity.
    Really, you need to give some serious thought to what you believe.


    1. I’m too tired to argue with you tonight, Ark… 🙂 Sorry.
      I do owe it to myself to further my knowledge of Church history. History in general was never my favorite, but it is important.
      Did the schism itself benefit the Church? Absolutely not. I would say it was dreadful. But the ideas behind it weren’t. The Church needed a serious slap to the face; I’ll be the first to admit that. And it got it.
      Only, after that, nobody wanted to make up. And we still haven’t. But steps are being taken towards that end. Just look at LARCUM.
      A “truly informed and intelligent Christian”? Wouldn’t you call that an oxymoron, Ark?
      Have a good night. Peace to you.

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      1. Yes, you are probably correct about the oxymoron. But then, isn’t this how the Church has always preferred its’ little sheep?
        Unquestioning and uninformed, yet the sheep do so love quote their bible and tell each that it is demanded of them to question.
        How odd, don’t you think?
        I mean, at one point they became so upset that people were burned alive simply for reading that trashy little rag you love so much in English!

        If you do begin on a course of study – from top to bottom – it is inevitable you will lose faith If you don’t you are not studying enough.

        James has an interesting post about the Crusades.

        I suggest you read as many fundamentalists as can, Licona, Habermas, even an Ass Hat like Craig.
        If you have a sense of humour, even an idiot like Strobel.
        Read all they have. Examine everything they say; I would say examine their evidence but they don’t have any. However, you can compare notes, as it were,and pretty soon you will become aware that they are all parroting each other.
        You can hear this on YouTube videos as well.
        Bit like CS Lewis and his ”Liar Lunatic etc” about the character, Jesus of Nazareth that Christians love to trot out so often.
        Once you have gorged yourself on this stuff, take a breather then start with some history.
        Oh, you should investigate the history of Original Sin and also the background being the fallacious nonsense of the Virgin Birth.Never mind about the etymology of the word Almah and all that , simply re read the relevant passages Isiaih, especially about King Ahaz. Then go check the history behind it.
        Gibbon is always fun.
        You could also investigate The Clergy Project, and maybe ask why thousands of ”professional” ministers are leaving their churches and ditching Christianity.
        Also, you might wonder why fundamentalists such as these listed above are required to sign a contract of employment- statement of ”faith” stating they acknowledge the original texts of the bible is innerant.
        How objective can Craig be after signing something like this?
        Then look at archaeology.
        Ask why Albright couldn’t make any of the bible dates match up to what he in covered?

        It shouldn’t take long before you are scratching your head.

        If you begin to experience any sort of cognitive dissonance, let me know.

        Have fun.


      2. Ark,
        So you are convinced that if I truly knew my faith, I would be forced to reject it. I feared as much.
        There can be no useful discussion between two parties if one of them enters the conversion with the assumption that the other is wrong.
        Good day.


      3. It isn’t what I assume about you. I try to avoid assuming.
        It is what I know. about what I write.

        Anyone who was that confident with their stance wouldn’t jump on the defensive and pout. No they wouldn’t even blink an eyelid and would shoot right back and stamp all over my supposed ”arrogance” with enough evidence to make me look like a first rate arse.
        So what the hell are you waiting for?

        I don’t doubt for a second you know your faith – inside out and backwards.
        But as for your religion?

        I’ll venture you know considerably less than you believe you do.
        Why not prove me wrong? What’s there to lose? Seriously?

        Without doing even a cursory flip through the bible tell me what do you believe you know about the Virgin Birth Prophecy?
        You should be able to nail it down in two paragraphs.
        No cheating! I’ll trust you.


      4. Trust me, I’m not pouting. We just don’t roll the same way, I think. I try not to stamp on people.

        But if you really are open to the evidence… I’ll answer your question if you answer mine.

        To be honest, I know next to nothing about the Virgin Birth Prophecy, but I’d wager you’re referencing a passage from Isaiah. Unless you mean the Annunciation, but you would have just called it that if you did.

        What I have gathered from past experience is that you have an issue with it. In which case, do explain.

        My turn.
        I’m rather curious: what is your position regarding morality and do you see it as at all binding outside of an authority higher than humanity (such as a god)?


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