The countless people wishing for snow… They got it.  And then some.  A foot of it.

IMG_2610 I must confess to being among those people.  And while I was gladdened by its appearance, it had some unwelcome side effects.

  • Monday: my choir’s annual Valentines’ Day Cabaret: postponed to March.
  • Saturday: the restaurant where my brother cooks and at which we planned to eat: closed.
  • Sunday: piano recital: postponed to next week.

Not to mention schools being closed and the road conditions.  We’re not used to this much white stuff. But the irony is that practically all the reasons my grandparents came into town for the week did not happen.  No Cabaret, no piano recital, no restaurant.  I suppose the moral is be careful what you wish for. However, ever the optimist, I maintain it was still lovely to see them.  And the sledding was pretty awesome.  (I set a personal distance record.  😀 ) So, consider this an official announcement: due to inclement weather, I have decided to postpone my birthday until March.  (Do I have to pick a day?  Oh fine then… how ’bout the 18th.)  Thus, last week has been entirely, officially, and totally canceled.  It never happened.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Two more things I must add:

  1. My posts may be scarce and I may be slow in responding to your comments.  I’m trying to avoid the internet as much as possible for Lent.  (And I will write something about that at a later date.)  Thank you for your patience.
  2. You must watch this video.  It has joined David, I’ve Got Cake as one of the two videos I could literally watch over and over and over and over again and not get sick of and still laugh at.

Stay warm, folks.  God bless.


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