Some of the people on the interwebs seem to be pretty stoked that Modest Mouse has a new album coming out in March.  I never really got into their music beyond their one hit song, but today I bring you their latest single because of its video.  My excuse is that I’m posting it for my sister because it has a coyote in it.  And it is a cute little critter after all.



Stay awesome. folks.


8 thoughts on “Coyotes

      1. Yep, they love chickens I live in chicken country too LOL. Chicken farming is almost the top agriculture here. And many, many have free range chickens running around. It’s a coyote buffet LOL.


  1. Shadow would screech her head off and let the coyote know where she was. Eagle would stride indignantly up to it and peck it on the nose.


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