Chesapeake Bay

I awoke southbound
Not knowing whence
I came, nor
What I fled into
A shuttlecock
To life’s racket
Aim with precision
Three years, Maryland
Then a fading
Reflection in my rear view

On the shoreline
At half past ten
You held my hand
As we set fire
To that ship I
Lived by clinging to
Bitter from the smoke
Which fills my eyes
No tears can douse
The flames

You pointed to the stars
Struggling through the cloud
Brighter back home, I think
Where is home?
Home is where the heart is
Where is my heart?

I shivered as we walked
Back to our cars
Awakening stoically
The stereo greets me
Dial broken
Perhaps for the best
The voice on the air
Sounds like yours
There’s a silver lining

Sets the interstate ablaze
These mountains look familiar
Maybe I’ll find my heart here


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