Presents, Coincidences, and a Silly Poem

Last month I joked about postponing my birthday to March because the polar vortex caused everything else to have been.

So now it’s March.  Winter has… at least tentatively… gone away, the sun is shining, and I guess it must be my birthday again.  We finally got to enjoy my brother’s culinary expertise and knock the second performance of our choir’s Valentines’ Day show out of the ballpark.  (Despite it being a month since being on stage, everyone did wonderfully.  *breathes sigh of relief*)

But the coincidences don’t end there.  Right around a month ago, Death Cab released the second single from their upcoming album.  Almost like a birthday present.  😀  And now the entire album is streaming at NPR’s First Listen series until it’s officially released next Tuesday.  Check it out here.  (Highlights: “No Room in Frame”, aka Pleasantly Upbeat Track, “The Ghosts of Beverly Drive” aka FINALLY They Are Rocking and Rolling, “Good Help (Is So Hard to Find)” aka All of a Sudden It’s the 80’s Again.)

Oh, and same thing for Sufjan Stevens’ new album.  *happy-dances faster*  I’ve only listened to the first track so far, but it seems pretty promising.

Finally, I leave you with my love and prayers for every good thing for you all, and a silly haiku I scribbled in my Chemistry notebook the other day.

Sliced Bread

Ready for sandwiches!  They
Need eat cake no more.

That’s all, folks.  God bless you.  🙂  Sweet dreams…


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