For the Ones Who Sing, Wherever I May Find Them

They told me
I should be sleeping,
But they haven’t seen
What I’ve seen.

I watched you slide
Behind the window panes,
Minivans fading into the
End credits of another year.
I felt the wind blow your
Words across my face
One last time.
I heard laughter
Across so many pieces
Of suburbia, echoing,
Bursting like water balloons…

And it confused me
That I did not weep,
My childhood relinquished,
Shivering in the early
Summer’s breeze.
Searchlights sweep the
Shadowed stars,
Waiting for answers.
They say only fools
Bother looking these days.
Guess that makes me one.

Because I left it
Like some trend and
Set out looking for
You again,
Braving unfamiliar
Streets that resonate
The sound of voices
I seem to know.
Will you hold my hand
As we drift apart?
I feel us falling
Into another chapter, and
You hold so much of me.

Just a poem for all my fellow choir mates as another year ends. Gonna miss you all like heck over the summer, and especially you old people who insist on graduating. Here’s to the next year, my friends.


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