If We Enjoy Smashing Each Other, Then By All Means

Smashing other people with things is generally unkind, and often considered rude.  And so, for the most part, we humans avoid smashing each other despite our relative insanity.  However, there remains one major exception to these rules.

In video games it is considered quite all right to smash other people, crash your car into theirs, shoot them, burn their houses down, lock them in rooms for long periods of time (looking at you, Sims), etc.  Why?  Because you can shoot the police when they try to arrest you!  And if the police kill you, no biggie.  You can always reload from your last save.  YOLO no longer applies when you can live as many times as you want.

And we do want to, many times.  According to Wikipedia, the video game industry raked in an estimated $81.5 billion last year, which is a heck of a lot of moolah.  Granted, not all of that is revenue from Grand Theft Auto and the like.  But you gotta figure a lot of it is.  And when you give gamers the option to do extremely violent and illegal things in video games or give them little choice to do otherwise, rest assured they will.  I can’t imagine extreme gore has any positive psychological effects, especially when you’re the one perpetrating it.

However, I digress.  The act of smashing things itself can be, admittedly, rather cathartic.  Think of a punching bag.  Take away the gore and the act of killing people, move the entire affair to a stadium with a cheering crowd and a cast of characters from across the gaming universe, and what do you get?

You get a game that is insanely fun (esp. with four players), and quite nicely demonstrates the way in which smashing can be harnessed to less M-rated effect.

The reason I bring up smashing in the first place is, well, as an analogy.  See, the bloggers I’ve met who often write about God and His existence or non-existence (which I will here forward refer to as The Final Problem) always tend to fall into two camps: Christians and atheists.  It is no secret that we have differences, and while they are sometimes handled admirably, sometimes some smashing gets done in the comment threads.

SO, with all that in mind, here is a plan I’ve come up with (which originally arose via the inspiration of Tricia while I was over at Colorstorm‘s blog):

  • Anyone reading this whose focus in blogging tends toward The Final Problem or who simply feels strongly on the subject is invited.  (Either to Ark‘s house, because he has cool wildlife and plants and stuff, or to Wally‘s house, because if we all descend upon the very small town in which he lives, it might freak people out, which would be fun.)
  • Surely amongst all of you we can salvage a Wii, four controllers, and a copy of SSBB.  These must be brought, along with stuff to make dinner.  (As we always say at my church, “There is a sign-up sheet in the Commons.”)
  • On a yet-to-be-determined date, we will all get together, have a massive Super Smash Bros. tournament, and then with the smashing out of our systems, discuss The Final Problem politely over dinner.  GENIUS.

C’mon guys, don’t you think that would be SO MUCH FUN?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *


“Yes, I realize how unfeasible this is, despite how much fun it would be.  But if any of you all would seriously like to do this over the internet, I will find someone who has a Wii and join you.  Bring it.”

P.S.  I call dibs on Link.


17 thoughts on “If We Enjoy Smashing Each Other, Then By All Means

  1. I say you get the ‘graphic of the day award.’ Heck, maybe of the month. Just plain awesome!

    You got me at a huge disadvantage though Louis, I couldn’t tell Grand Theft Auto from the Autobahn.

    Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, CS! Glad you liked it; I probably spent way more time on the picture than I should have, but oh well.
      Well, GTA is this very open-environment game that, from my understanding, involves a lot of driving around cities and shooting people. Which is why I referenced it. I’ve never played it though, and don’t really hope to.
      Peace to you, and God bless!

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      1. Louis:

        I’m completely lost when it comes to gaming.

        So in the words of another musician, and in the spirit of your work here: ‘Really don’t mind if I sit this one out….(enter flute) do do do doo doo da doo. ‘

        But I can always referee 😉

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  2. “And so, for the most part, we humans avoid smashing each other ” Just yesterday I wanted to spike my sister for trudging dirt through the house with her shoes on, I certainly know the struggle to resist the temptation.

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  3. When I play Kingdom Hearts, I have my own version of Super Smash Brothers called Super Smash Goofy, which consists of picking up barrels and throwing them at goofy, much to his surprise and dismay. I do this in Agrabah when I know there’s heartles out there, but I don’t want to go fight them, but I’m tired of staying around the save point…so I throw barrels at Goofy.

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