Silver / Ironically… (He’s Dead Jim – Episode 2)


silver the thread
that binds me
across interstates
to those who
share this eleventh hour
sheltered from
the lightning which
splits my windowpane
by a voice, floating
through headphone
channels, left and right
whispering the image
of a memory we share
inter  con  nect  ed, and
holding each other
in the night
i cannot feel your hand
but i see you
waving: hello
drive carefully
sleep well, my friends
my own true kin
wherever you may rest


IMG_6407Words which coalesced while listening to some Sufjan Stevens last evening with the lights turned low.  So thanks in part to his music for the inspiration / spirit behind this one.  Dedicated to all late-night on-their-own music listeners.  I get it.  And I love you guys.



… my headphones died the day after I wrote this (as you can see).  And I don’t think even duct tape can fix them this time.  R.I.P. Monoprice 8323’s (2013-2015).

If you can think of a pair of (reasonably priced) headphones you love, I am definitely open to suggestions.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

I had planned to top the evening off with the aptly titled “Headphones” by Jars of Clay, but all I could find on YouTube either was blocked for copyright reasons or were poorly recorded clips of them performing it live.  Dunno whether the video will play in other countries or not, so if you hail from somewhere other than the Home of the Brave, you may be in luck.  Otherwise… I’ll refer you to my Jars of Awesomeness playlist (below), or you could always get the album, which, I recommend too.

God bless you, dear reader.  You are an amazing and beautiful person, and don’t you forget it.



4 thoughts on “Silver / Ironically… (He’s Dead Jim – Episode 2)

    1. Me too. 🙂 Gratitude for your condolences…
      Yeah, Beats are expensive. I guess you’re paying for the fashion statement too… May end up just getting the same model, but I’ll have to look into Sony.
      Thanks, Aud. 🙂 God bless.

      Liked by 1 person

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