Semi Crushes Minivan

Catching up on some poetry here at WP…  Haven’t posted much of it lately, so I thought I’d schedule some for while I’m on vacation.  (If I don’t respond to comments, etc., that’s where I am.)

So without further ado… the first of three.

P.S.  Lest you all think that I’m feeling lousy: a) I often write poetry just to get my feelings onto a page, and haven’t made the effort to write any bright, optimistic, observational poetry lately; b) as these written over the space of a month, they are not necessarily indicative of my current emotional state.

I mean, who am I kiddin’, I’m at the beach.  Of course I’m happy!  Wish you could be here too, dear reader.  That would be fun.  Someday when I’m rich and famous, I shall invite all you fellow bloggers to the beach, and we shall laugh and talk about thing bloggish and non-bloggish until the sunrise.


Semi Crushes Minivan

scene of the crash
fragments of sky
azure, dance across
your face
but we smile like
nothing happened.
have you not seen
just out of sight
some songbird
laments my passing
but i step close
to find you still
smiling. so i laugh
then wave goodbye.

(10 July 2015)


6 thoughts on “Semi Crushes Minivan

  1. Hanging out and talking blog-language is what I like best. Since you did this post at the beach it makes you a “beach-blogger”. Ha-Ha!! 😊!I think I know just a little bit of why you were busy last month, by the way. 😊!
    Question-what’s with the date at the bottom of the post? The 10TH of Juky was like well-over a month ago, you know…sorry. Dates and numbers are my thing. I am wondering how poetry helps get your feelings out if your not actually talking about your feelings with with any specific words like “Why’d he/she have to go?” “Why’d God have to take my loved one away/completely away from me?!” and so on? I cry/sob to get ALL of my feelings out and it just doesn’t seem to help. Talking to some-one I trust helps a little bit, but it get most of my feelings/emotions out. It’ll help if I just heard from God about it more. But I do talk to a really close friend of mine named Gaston and he’s been helping me out a whole lot. He’s like one of those guys that ONLY Jesus puts in your life to help lead you closer and closer to Him and ONLY Him just a little step at a time. If us know what I mean, Luke. Praying for safe travels home, brother. Headed to bed and praying for your trip as I go to sleep right now. Miss you a whole lot. L❤️ve and h❤️gs!! ❤️❤️!!
    -Jeremiah 29:11


    1. XD Oh no, I’m a beach blogger now? I guess I asked for it. The date is when I wrote the poem. It’s just taken me a while to actually post it.
      As far as how poetry helps get feelings out, I’m not sure how to explain it, but it really does. I guess it’s a positive way to channel whatever energy is raging through one’s soil at the time. And I think there’s something magical about us humans’ ability to take pain and turn it into something beautiful. It’s truly a miracle.
      Thanks for your prayers! Peace to you, Christina.


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