Red & Black

if I paint the skyline
too close, and
force red and black
to define the pathways
you weave in the sky,
throw my paintbrush
to earth. sometimes
i bind myself to it
too closely.
one foot in front
of the other, begin
with a single

(7 August 2015)


No need to bother with the last five minutes of this one.  Unless you’re really bored or find it soothing.

4 thoughts on “Red & Black

  1. Was that “Super surgery.” or “Super century.” in the song? Either way, I don’t get it. What’s the point and meaning of the song again? L❤️ve you lots, Luke! H❤️gs!
    -Jeremiah 29:11


    1. It’s “supersymmetry”. 🙂 I know it’s kind of a weird song. It was stuck in my head at the time, and I do like that one line: “if telling the truth is not polite, then I guess we’ll have to fight”. I try to have my song pairings make sense with the poem, but sometimes they’re just what I’m into at the time. XD


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