On this lovely Autumn morning, a few things must be said:

  1. Hi.
  2. I hope this post finds all my fellow bloggers in good health and spirits.
  3. Just wanted to post something Ike because I kinda miss you all.

Of course, sometimes deciding what to post is the most difficult part.  Lately, the world has seemed a very serious and tragic place, judging by the news, and my propensity for silliness occasionally feels out of place.  Still, sometimes silliness has its place.

It’s about balance, really.  Nothing is 100% joy or sorrow, not one passing second of our lives.  Every emotion in existence is ringing through the atmosphere at light speed, guided by unseen paths to weave a tapestry of unimaginable complexity.

So, for anyone who needs a smile, these are for you.

And lastly, the one and only rap song in the world that I enjoy listening to.  Because if anyone were record such a glorious parody of rap as a genre, of course it would be the goofballs in Relient K.

Peace to you all.  Enjoy your weekend.


16 thoughts on “

      1. Ugh. I never replied to this. Sorry…
        But yes, anyway, I’ve been doing well, thanks! Same old. This semester has seemed awfully busy though… :/ But that’s life. 🙂
        I should get a Twitter account, but I don’t see that happening until I turn 18. Parents and such. *knowing look*…


  1. I absolutely LOVE the 2 pictures of your cat! It made me smile immediately. I think I am going to have to look at those 2 whenever I’m not so happy to make me happy. Or whenever I am down, lonely, depressed, angry, ETC. You NEED to post those on Twitter! How much longer until you actually get an account? On your 18th birthday? Whenever you get an account how much will you tweet and what will you tweet about? Just curious, while we’re on the subject.
    I can relate about missing your blog followers, because you don’t know what to blog about. I seem to be constantly like that too!! Ugh! Sigh. :(!
    Love You,
    Spiritual little sister/WriteYorstoryonmy💚
    -Jeremiah 29:11


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