“In the information age, we have embraced the language and priorities of technological intelligence to the exclusion of more visceral and emotional ways of understanding human existence.”

– Bill McGarvey

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In a world where technology is quickly establishing itself as a sort of pseudo-religion, articles like this one stand out as particularly timely and on point.  Source: America Magazine (a publication I highly recommend).

MLA source citation (good practice for college students…)

McGarvey, Bill.  “Data-Determinism.”  America 28 Sept. 2015: 40.  Print.


3 thoughts on “Data-Determinism

  1. “My favorite villains here are Descartes and Kant, both of whom have narrowed reason. Descartes narrowed reason to a human psychological thing—calculating. And Kant narrowed reason to a subjective thing—merely something that goes on inside our head that does not correspond to an objective reality we can know.

    In the Middle Ages and in ancient times, reason was the cosmic order of things which we understood intuitively before we understood it analytically. When the ancients defined man as the rational animal, they didn’t mean he was a narrow, dull, abstract analytic thing. They included his heart, his moral sense of conscience, his aesthetic sense. It was part of reason to wonder at the beauty of the heavens. ” — Peter Kreeft


    1. MLA-ish

      “A Baptism Of Imagination.” A Baptism Of Imagination : A Conversation with Peter Kreeft. Mars Hill Review, 1 July 1996. Web. 11 Oct. 2015. .


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