Is This the End?

That was a red herring.

If you are reading this, you didn’t fall for it. Which is good. Even if you made it that far, then wow! But seriously, I made this puzzle for fun. I have no idea what the purpose was. You have my unending respect. You also have my address, as it comes up when you type in the coordinates you received on Google Maps. Send one 3 x 5 inch index card with the words “Is this the end?” written on the ruled side with a black permanent marker along with your return address. I love getting mail, and I will most certainly write you back. Perhaps we could become pen pals. I don’t know. But we could seriously do something awesome together, like start a secret society.

If you are miffed that that is all I have to offer you after such a grueling exercise, please write me a letter outlining your regrets, written in red ink and containing no profanities or personal attacks, and I will do what I can to prove my respect.



middle name starts with an M. If you know anything about anagrams, maybe you can figure out the rest.