The Journal of Cecil B. – Day ???

I found my journal again…

So much has happened I could not DREAM of leaving now.

I am the only one here to keep me company but there are so many others.

– Cecil B.

sanity                  S

     i am sane      A





P.S. Today they came for Cecil B. and Sanity returned to the park.

Ranger Chuck


The Journal of Cecil B. – Day 6

When I finished packing all of my belongings back into my car today, I drove slowly to the park exit gate, or where I thought it was. Driving by deserted cabin after deserted cabin, and numerous campsites just as desolate. Finally, the curved road came to an end, and I found myself on a long, unwavering stretch of road. For a moment, the sensation of familiarity washed over me, and I thought I must be on my way out. But after what seemed like endless driving, all I discovered was a dead end. Driving back to the cabin, a word repeatedly surfaced in my mind: sanity.

– Cecil B.

The Journal of Cecil. B. – Day 5

I didn’t get too much sleep last night. I spent the entire day scouring the grounds for signs of any others staying here. I saw no one, nor any signs of recent activity. I’m beginning to consider cutting my vacation short. I payed a week’s rent for my cabin, but I’m starting to doubt this stay is worth the constant unease.

– Cecil B.

The Journal of Cecil B. – Day 4

Yesterday, when I visited the ranger station, I was taken aback. The whole station was unkempt and grown over. The window in the door frame seemed to have been forcefully broken, although I can’t imagine who, or what, would find the need to break into a ranger station. As far as I can tell, the place only holds a few maps and a front help desk. When I pulled on the door, it opened with a groan and a good amount of effort. The room was empty and the air was stale, but nothing noticeable was missing or out of place. Although today I didn’t learn anything more about my situation, I had a wrenching feeling in my gut. Maybe I shouldn’t be here.

– Cecil B.

The Journal of Cecil B. – Day 3

I woke up late again today, although not as late as I woke the previous morning. The usual chirping of the birds has ceased today – I wonder if they too have left the park. Although I’ve shrugged it off these past few nights, I’m beginning to get concerned about the lack of activity in the area. This afternoon I plan to check out the ranger station and ask about the lack of other campers here. I need to get some answers.

– Cecil B.

The Journal of Cecil B. – Day 2

My alarm clock did not sound this morning. Last night I set it for eight o’clock sharp, but as I woke this morning at a little past noon, I discovered that the alarm clock wasn’t on. I can’t fathom why, as it is plugged into the wall, and my other electronic appliances seem to be functioning. Due to my late arising, I started the day with a can of soup for lunch. I took a walk down to the lake after me meal… I didn’t see tents, campers, nor people of any kind on the walk. The weather is fine; I wonder if there is something wrong with the park. I wasn’t informed.

– Cecil B.