I Want to Believe

My dear sister,

We congratulate you on your extraordinary image editing skills and for granting us permission to post these here:


MollyolyThis is our dog Molly, in places she shouldn’t be, namely on a UFO and in front of the TARDIS.  Bravo, Sis!  You need to get your own blog and post more Molly pictures.

For the inspiration behind this, I encourage you to check out David Tennant in Places He Shouldn’t Be, even if you’re not a Whovian.

And just because, I figured I’d have a little fun following my last Chemistry test rant:

























Periodic table image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Have a good evening!


Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Given the title of my blog, I thought today that perhaps I should explore a little more philosophy than I have in the past.  Granted, the issue I’m about to raise is theological rather than philosophical, but I think oftentimes the two are closely related.

Last night, my cat passed away.  It wasn’t unexpected; he was eighteen years old, but it got me thinking about a topic that has been discussed quite a bit among dog-lovers and cat-lovers alike: Will I see my pet in heaven? Continue reading “Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?”