wrenched from the highway, gloriously
light from the highway beckons me
into your eyes

(28 July 2015)


Exit 0, folks.  It’s a thing now.

(Originally, this was a haiku, but it needed more syllables.)


That Was the Week that Was: A Haiku Revue

In my expression
You discern so many words
That go unspoken

Wasted time now dead
Gather up the shattered glass
Holly and ivy

Gentle candlelight
Coffee, collecting my thoughts
I feel Your presence

Try again, my boy
Headphones won’t protect you from
The wild windswept rain

A calm in the storm
Gazing at my friend the moon
I feel most awake

Your bold nonchalance
Nonpluses me more than would
Dismayed stammering

Wind down, up again
One moment of peace is found
With You in silence

That was the week that was, folks. A little haiku-a-day project I came up with, sort of like journaling. But more poetic and abstract. (My journals are for relaxed, non-fancy writing, you see.)

I quite enjoyed it, and I may have to do it again some time. Hope y’all like it!

P.S.  Title stolen from a BBC satirical news program that ran in the 60’s.  😉

Fri-ku No. 1

“What on earth is a fri-ku?”

Perhaps that’s what you’re wondering right now.  Well, I’ll tell you.  It’s a combination of “Friday” and “haiku”.  A haiku on a Friday.  A fri-ku.

So here, off the top of my head.  Happy Friday.



What is the reason
For all this strident chutzpah?
This is no circus.