Silver / Ironically… (He’s Dead Jim – Episode 2)


silver the thread
that binds me
across interstates
to those who
share this eleventh hour
sheltered from
the lightning which
splits my windowpane
by a voice, floating
through headphone
channels, left and right
whispering the image
of a memory we share
inter  con  nect  ed, and
holding each other
in the night
i cannot feel your hand
but i see you
waving: hello
drive carefully
sleep well, my friends
my own true kin
wherever you may rest


IMG_6407Words which coalesced while listening to some Sufjan Stevens last evening with the lights turned low.  So thanks in part to his music for the inspiration / spirit behind this one.  Dedicated to all late-night on-their-own music listeners.  I get it.  And I love you guys.



… my headphones died the day after I wrote this (as you can see).  And I don’t think even duct tape can fix them this time.  R.I.P. Monoprice 8323’s (2013-2015).

If you can think of a pair of (reasonably priced) headphones you love, I am definitely open to suggestions.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

I had planned to top the evening off with the aptly titled “Headphones” by Jars of Clay, but all I could find on YouTube either was blocked for copyright reasons or were poorly recorded clips of them performing it live.  Dunno whether the video will play in other countries or not, so if you hail from somewhere other than the Home of the Brave, you may be in luck.  Otherwise… I’ll refer you to my Jars of Awesomeness playlist (below), or you could always get the album, which, I recommend too.

God bless you, dear reader.  You are an amazing and beautiful person, and don’t you forget it.




There is, in my opinion, a very good reason I feel like writing a spiteful blog post tonight.  At this very moment, people are gathered together less than two hours from my house listening to my absolute most favorite band of all time perform live and I’M STUCK HERE IN STUPID OLD SMALL TOWN, USA.  Less than two freaking hours from my house.  But horror of horrors, it’s a school night.

So yeah, I’m stuck here at home, listening to my collection of Jars of Clay music on shuffle and blogging while a band with three Grammy’s is likely singing some of my favorite songs just far enough away to be too far.  The entire bloody city of Rocky Mount, Virginia had better turn out for this concert or it is a city of ingrates. *sighs heavily*

I suppose the best one can do in moments like this is try to look on the bright side (though I wonder if there is one here) and make light of things if appropriate.  And it is just a band after all.  Except it’s not just a band because it’s The Awesome Freaking Jars of Freaking Clay we are talking about.  But we can still be silly about bands.  And so, I came up with a plan this evening.  (The results are as follows, but if you find it boring, scroll down to the end of the post, where I have made a playlist of all my favorite Jars of Clay songs for you to enjoy and so that you may share my pain.)

Here’s what happened: I don’t remember why, but I wandered over to a sort of website known as a band name generator.  It just takes random words and makes them into a name for a hypothetical band.  And so I collected some of my favorites, and put them in a list.  Then I found a song name generator and did the same thing.  Finally, I got some random quotes to serve as album titles.  And so, I give you, ten songs that don’t exist, but definitely should, and my review of them.  Enjoy.

But not too much because remember, we are in Jarhead mourning.  Sshh, sshh, no laughing.  Alright, never mind, you can laugh.  What am I, the Laugh Nazi?  I will sit here, the stoic and fatalistic philosopher.  No, the Jars situation does not bother me.  Of course not.  It is merely one of billions of representations of life’s unfairness. Gosh I can ramble.  Without further ado, and in no particular order: Continue reading “INFURIATION”

5 Weirdest Music Videos that Won’t Damage Your Sanity

In all of us, I think, there is something that is attracted to the odd, the strange, and the freaky side of life.  I was inspired to write this post because heck, there are some pretty weird music videos out there, and I wanted to share them.  So I did some research.  While there is no shortage of articles and blog posts compiling some of the most bizarre, I had two main problems with most of them.  First, some of them are downright disturbing.  Additionally, a good percentage of them were not only bizarre in their imagery, but the music was too unorthodox or uninspired for my taste.  So what I bring you today is a list of five weird, quirky, and/or whimsical music videos that maintain family-friendly imagery and decent music.  Because music is after all more important than the video.  In other words, these videos won’t damage your sanity.


(If you’re not interested in weird videos, scroll to the end of the post because I don’t know everything and I’m asking for your suggestions on something…)

Note: neither The Window Philosopher blog nor Peuce L. Monk can guarantee that your sanity will remain intact under any circumstances.  The above assertions are based on personal experience. Continue reading “5 Weirdest Music Videos that Won’t Damage Your Sanity”

The Paradox of Selfish Moments

Today is a lovely day in my hometown.  Sunny, temperature in the low 70’s.  The sounds of the small town wilderness wafted around the backyard as I sat, reading quietly.  Quite idyllic.

I was absorbed in my book, when two cardinals, Mr. Cardinal and Cardinal Junior, flitted down from the sky and perched on the fence not 15 feet away.  The two chirruped back and forth for a while before Mr. Cardinal hopped down onto the back porch.  I watched as he eyed a small patch of tall sunflowers, shooting glances at one that drooped and faced the ground.  Bracing himself, he leaped up and hovered long enough to grasp a sunflower seed in his beak and wrench it away from the flower before landing again on the porch.  Rather than eat the seed immediately he took flight, and alighting on the fence, proceeded to feed the prize to Cardinal Junior, whose mouth was opened wide in expectation.

It was one of those small miracles that nature grants to us on occasion.  My book forgotten, I took in the spectacle as it was repeated several times.  Then I found myself wishing I had my camera, to record the event for others to witness too.  “Why is that?” I wondered.  Why do I feel the need to capture this moment that has been given to me in high, yet imperfect definition? Continue reading “The Paradox of Selfish Moments”

What I Did On the Airplane

Howdy, folks!  The Window Philosopher has returned, after two of the most amazing weeks of my life on an island in Greece with 90 other choir people.  I wish we all could have stayed longer.  I met so many awesome people, and then had to leave them.  So I miss Syros, but it’s kind of nice to be home.

It would be an injustice if I didn’t tell you, my dear readers, all about it.  But for now, I’m holding off while I consider making a video blog of the trip instead.  Well then why are you writing, Peuce?  WE WANNA HEAR ABOUT GREECE!  Yes, I know you do, but until that’s ready, I will give you something else I love doing: album reviews.

See, international travel means long plane rides, and long plane rides mean lots of time to listen to music.  I didn’t really expand my horizons with these, but I have expanded my knowledge of two of my most favoritest bands, Jars of Clay and Death Cab for Cutie.  So without further ado: Continue reading “What I Did On the Airplane”