I’m Not Dead (but Tom Might Be)

Dear all,

I hope you have been doing splendoriffically!  Basically, I wanted to check in today, and seeing as I have posted nothing for two weeks, assure you that I am not dead or seriously ill.  Or that I suddenly forgot how to type or had my computer stolen or my keyboard drenched in maple syrup or any other such catastrophe.  So this post will be a mish-mash of various stuff that ought to be said.

1) Today Is a Momentous Day

First of all, happy Programmers’ Day!  And to any programmers who may be reading this, thank you.  The further we move towards the future, the more important your job seems to become.  Without you, there wouldn’t be this website, nor a thousand other things we take for granted.  So really, thanks a lot.

And happy International Chocolate Day!  Yay for chocolate, and for whatever genius discovered how to make it.  To them, the world is forever grateful.

2) I Promise

…that more Greece posts are coming soon.  Hey, the closer we get to winter, the more fun it will be to reminisce on summer, right?

3) If you are looking for Tom…

Okay, my mom was in the kitchen for several hours yesterday, having garnered a large quantity of tomatoes to be processed (or so was the general impression) into sauce.  (To her as well, we are forever grateful.  YAY MOM.)  But anyway, when I entered the kitchen at around nine in the evening, the labels on the assorted jars told a more sinister story:



Tom Sauce.

So if you have been looking for Tom, I regret to inform you that I may have found him.

On that cheery note, I bid you a good Saturday evening.  Enjoy it!  And have some music too.  I say, I do enjoy posting music on here, but does it ever seem like it’s just a way for me to be lazy and not have to write as much?  I hope not.  Anyway, I love this song, so here it is.  And remember, YOU ARE AWESOME, and God loves you WAY more than you could possibly imagine.  You are golden.  Don’t you forget it.