Community Input Requested

Hey there everybody.  Happy Friday.

So, I’ve been sort of thinking about this blog, and what it means to me or to others, and how I ought best to use it; and I feel like I ought to get input from the people that read this blog at least regularly enough to see this post.  After all, without you guys I would be talking to no one, or to myself.

I sort of feel like my posts have been a little silly of late.  Sillyness is fine, but I’d like to just lock myself in my room and write something really meaningful from time to time.  Those would be more infrequent posts, but then I like the twice a week almost-pattern I have now.

So I dunno.  Or, I have a general idea.  But I want to hear your opinion, my dear readers, if you don’t mind.  Even if you think I ought to be able to figure this out myself… I’d appreciate it.  What do you like about the Window Philosopher?  Which posts would you rather skip over?  What can I do better?  That sort of thing.

And two specifics.  I’ve been thinking about posting some of my poetry on here… (it is what it is)… but I wonder if maybe I should make a separate blog for it?  I don’t want to get Multiple Blog Syndrome, but still…  Thoughts?  Secondly, I’ve been considering “spring cleaning” the archives, just deleting old posts I don’t particularly love and that no one has commented on.  Do you think this is a bad idea or a reasonable one?

Comments comments comments.  The comment box is open.  Open the floodgates.  And thank you all bunches and bunches for your time and for reading this old blog.  🙂  It’s been an adventure, and no doubt will continue to be.