To Infinity and Beyond (aka Greece)

Having arrived back home on Tuesday, you’ll never guess where I am off to next: out of town again.  This time, however, my travels will take me a little further from home.  I am going to Greece, and I am extremely excited.

See, the choir I’m in was invited to the 10th annual Festival of the Aegean on the island of Syros.  It’s going to be a lot of singing, but there will be free time as well.  (There had better be; I’ll be in Greece for heaven’s sake.  I’m going sightseeing.)  And I’ll get to meet and sing under the direction of John Rutter, which is amazing, and tour Athens, which is also amazing, and speak the little Greek I’ve learned to other people, which will be terrifying.  In all, it’ll be a once in a lifetime trip.

Therefore, I am here to do four things today:

1) Ask for your prayers.  For safe travels especially, please do pray for my entire family if you would!  THANKS A MILLION.

2) Inform you that I may or may not have access to WiFi or enough time to blog while I’m gone.  So don’t worry.  If I”m silent, I didn’t die.  Hopefully.

3) Ask everyone reading this whether they think I should take lots of videos and then make a video blog of the trip when I get back.  I think it’s a cool idea, and a way to share the trip with you all, since I sadly am not clever enough to smuggle you onto the airplane.  So:


4) Wish you a happy Tau Day even though it was yesterday.  Tau = 2 Pi.  6.28.  Get it?  It’s like Pi Day, but with Tau.  I think Tau is cool, but unlike some people I do not think Tau should replace Pi.  It makes things slightly easier and more sensible when you’re dealing with radians and whatnot in trig, but Pi makes tons more sense in terms of basic geometry.  Sheesh.  Pi(r)^2 people.  It makes sense.  It’s possible for them BOTH to be useful in different situations.  They make a good team.

So to distance myself from these radicals, I am wishing you a happy Tau Day today rather than yesterday.  Also I didn’t have time to blog yesterday, but never mind that.

That is all.  Be doing wonderfully, please, all of you.  WOOHOO LET’S GO TO GREECE!