Double Vision

Good morning!  Afternoon!  You know what I mean; whatever time of day it is where you live.

Do you ever notice on albums that some songs just go together really well?  I mean yes, track order is quite intentional, but a lot of the time, two tracks can really be part of each other, almost one song rather than two.  I love it when that happens.  It makes listening even more of an experience.  So today I bring you six songs that really are more like three thoughts put to music, each with their own way of harmonizing with each other.

Prologue and Kettering – The Antlers

This entire album is a work of art.  That’s clear whether one is a fan or not.  But I particularly like how these two songs fit together.  “Prologue” sets the scene, a distressed instrumental track reminiscent of an ambulance siren, but it leaves the listener hanging.  The thought remains unfinished, and that’s where the next track comes in.  Brilliant.

Company Calls and Company Calls Epilogue – Death Cab for Cutie

By their titles alone these songs are named twins, but where is the common thread?  “Company Calls” is a fine song on its own, and there is a definite break between the two.  However, the lyrics of the epilogue continue the thoughts and imagery, even as those mellow and lose some of their enthusiasm, as though all available energy was put into singing its predecessor.

The World at Large and Float On – Modest Mouse


These two songs make use of the classic way to blend one song into another: a simple transition.  But that in no way diminishes the apposite paring of these two songs.  The words “float on” appear numerous times throughout the two, they share the same chords, and even the same key.  “The World at Large” is a worthy beginning of the thought that “Float On” completes optimistically.

So there you have it folks.  There are several ways to skin this cat, all of which work.  It all depends on the mood and the situation.  Kinda like life, eh?  If something doesn’t work one way, you’ll find another.  Things will inevitably work out as they ought to.  Forget the second law of thermodynamics!  If it were true to every situation of our existence, the whole world would be in chaos by now.  And yet we don’t just resist it, we grow.  We thrive.  And that right there is, in my opinion, proof of miracles.

Now it’s your turn to be a miracle.  God bless you all.